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Original Blue Tapcon Applications

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Shelving brackets used in electrical equipment, HVAC strapping, 2x4 lumber, wood headers, window frames, jambs & sills, door frames to masonry, plywood backer boards to masonry & exterior installation into masonry.

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Are inserts required for Tapcon anchors?

No, while some masonry anchors use a lag shield, which are hammered into a hole, then threaded in, which can cause expansion pressure in the hole, Tapcon anchors cut threads into a hole, causing no expansion pressure in the hole.

Are Original Blue Tapcon anchors building code-approved?

Yes, Original Blue Tapcon anchors are building code-approved.

Can Tapcon anchors be used in coastal and other highly corrosive environments?

Yes, 410 Stainless Steel, White Ultrashield, coated Tapcons including Phillips, Hex, and Maxi-set headed anchors provide the highest degree of protection in highly corrosive environments. 

Can Tapcon anchors replace other types of anchors?

Yes, Tapcon anchors can be used in place of traditional mechanical expansion anchors such as wedge anchors, sleeve anchors and plugs.

How do I install a Tapcon anchor?

First, drill a hole using a hammer-drill or rotary hammer in the hammer mode. Second, switch your drill out of hammer mode and position the Tapcon anchor into a nut driver or onto a Phillips bit. Then drive the anchor into the pre-drilled hole until it is fully seated. For more information, click here

How do Tapcon anchors differ from other types of concrete anchors?

Expansion anchors, such as wedge and sleeve anchors provide holding power by expanding into the hole, which creates pressure on the hole walls. Tapcon anchors cut threads into the hole walls, eliminating pressure on the hole walls. This allows Tapcon anchors to be installed close to an edge and at reduced spacing.

In addition, unlike expansion anchors, Tapcon anchors are removable allowing for greater flexibility on the job.

How much holding power does a Tapcon anchor provide?

Tapcon anchor performance depends on the diameter of the screw, embedment depth and compressive strength of the concrete. Click here for specific performance data.

What diameters are available for Original Blue Tapcon?

Original Blue Tapcon comes in 3/16" and 1/4" diameters.

What does "Tapcon" mean?

The Tapcon name is derived from its ability to "tap" threads into "con"crete.

What are Tapcon screw anchors?

Tapcon anchors are masonry screws designed with Advanced Threadform Technology, which cuts threads into all masonry materials including concrete, block and brick.

What if I need to remove and/or move my application in the future?

Tapcon anchors are reversible, allowing future removal of any application.

What is Climaseal coating?

It is a long-term corrosion resistant coating that covers the entire fastener surface.

What is the Tapcon thread design?

The patented Advanced Threadform Technology Hi-Lo twin-thread design literally taps threads into concrete, creating a mechanical linking that is reversible and removable. The high threads feature notched edges that easily and quickly cut into masonry materials. The low threads provide positive stability when the anchor is being driven.

What material is Original Blue Tapcon manufactured from?

Original Blue Tapcon is manufactured from heat-treated carbon steel for increased hardness and ductility.

Where are Tapcon anchors manufactured?

All genuine Tapcon anchors are engineered and manufactured in the United States.